Separation, divorce and de facto relationship breakdowns create an enormous minefield of emotional turmoil, even when handled in a civilised manner, let alone when extreme personal conflicts fuel the mix. Emotions run hot, heightened by the legal aspects of your...


Domestic violence ranges from direct physical action, verbal abuse, sexual attack, stalking and property damage to more subtle forms of intimidation. These include financial and emotional manipulation designed to intimidate you and erode your confidence and wellbeing. Such...


The unending complexities of commercial law, covering so many aspects of business, have evolved into a minefield of traps for the unwary. Like taxation, it has become so complex and subject to frequent changes that most business people need to seek...


Buying and selling a property is another aspect of modern life that ought to be a lot simpler than it is. Even seemingly straightforward transactions with good will from all concerned can become fraught with unseen complications. At Geldard Sherrington Lawyers...


Making a valid will, with its many negative connotations, can be all too easily postponed or left out of date so it no longer accommodates your present circumstances or plans for the future. It is vital that your wishes are made clear and specific with no room for varied...


Even the most law-abiding people can suddenly find themselves in the midst of legal proceedings that fall under criminal law. Others may have committed criminal acts of varying degrees. All are entitled to the protection of the law. Geldard Sherrington Lawyers is here to...


Laws in New South Wales and Queensland prohibit us from advertising services for personal injury law except to those who either live outside these states or are existing clients of Geldard Sherrington Lawyers. To discuss your situation and outline your...

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As your lawyers, we make your priorities our priorities. There will be no half measures.

We listen very closely to what you tell us so we can really take onboard your problem and its consequences for you.

You would expect that. But the difference is that at Geldard Sherrington, we run a boutique-style firm that offers you a personalised service that is fully committed to your cause.

We are small enough to truly care, while big enough to offer the people and resources needed to help bring you the positive legal outcome you want.

Our main legal services include (but are not limited to) family law, conveyancing, personal injury claims, wills and estates, commercial litigation and criminal law.

If you have an impending legal issue, your best option is to talk to us sooner rather than later.

In such instances prompt action can save you a good deal of effort and cost while helping us prepare the appropriate strategies for you in a timely fashion.

With offices in Hervey Bay and Bundaberg, we save you the need to go further afield for top-level legal expertise. Additionally, if you require the assistance & advice of a solicitor in Maryborough, call Geldard Sherrington first; we have the resources, networks and expertise to offer you a higher level of service.

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When you face a situation with a possible need for legal advice, we suggest you call us as soon as you can. That enables us to be of greater assistance. In many cases we can help forestall a looming action against you with early and positive action.

As with anything, when a situation has been allowed to become critical, matters which may have been relatively simple can suddenly become complicated - and costly - not only in money terms but possibly affecting reputation along with aspects of your future.

We suggest you pick up the phone and call us now on 1300 383 684 so that we can arrange prompt action to assist you with your matter.

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