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Associated Fees

Initial Consultation

Geldard Sherrington Lawyers offers an initial consultation of 30 minutes with one of our experienced solicitors for a fixed fee of $165.00. We offer these consultations in our Hervey Bay office or over the telephone if you are unable to attend in person.

Fees For Ongoing Matters

Geldard Sherrington Lawyers charges fees in two ways, either a fixed fee quoted before work
is commenced on your matter, or on a time-recorded basis whereby the work undertaken
on your file is recorded and charged at an hourly rate.

Competitive and Fixed Fees

We offer competitive, fixed fees for residential conveyancing, and some areas of criminal law and family law. All other areas of law are charged on a time-recorded basis. If you would like more information in relation to our fees please contact us.

Sometimes it is not immediately possible to provide any realistic estimate of the legal fees that are likely to be payable in your matter. It may take some time for us to have a proper understanding of your matter and what is involved before this information can be provided.

Clear and Candid Costs

We will endeavour to provide you with full information concerning your legal costs at the earliest point in time. From the outset, we want our communications with you in relation to costs to be clear and candid. We will discuss your legal costs with you openly and honestly and we invite you to raise any queries or concerns you may have in this regard at any time.

In certain Family Law proceedings and Estate Administration matters we offer a deferred payment option which may assist you in your time of need. Please make an appointment to see one of our experienced solicitors if you wish to discuss this option.

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