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Know the Rules and Procedures for Family Law

Separation, divorce and de facto relationship breakdowns create a minefield of emotional challenges, even when handled in a civilised manner, let alone when extreme personal conflicts contribute to the mix.

Emotions run hot, heightened by the legal aspects of your situation: securing your rights, protecting your children, your finances, your property entitlements - just to mention the basics.

You’ll want to know what steps are involved in separation/divorce proceedings, how to work out the right arrangements for your children, how to safeguard your financial security, and you’ll want to fully understand your options so you can avoid costly mistakes.

Fair and Equitable Solutions for Family Law Matters

At Geldard Sherrington Lawyers we understand the emotional stress caused by the breakdown of family relationships.That is why we strive to offer expert advice and service in this area of law, together with compassion and understanding during an inevitably difficult time.

Our approach to family law matters is to achieve the desired result without unnecessary delays so you can move forward with your new life.

As a well-established family law firm on the Fraser Coast, we will help you to reach a fair and equitable solution with less time and expense than you may have anticipated.

We can provide assistance across a wide range of matters relating to family law and de facto relationships, including:

  • Division of property and assets

  • Parenting arrangements

  • Cohabitation agreements

  • Divorce and separation

  • Spousal maintenance

We Can Guide You Through

  • children and parenting
    Children and Parenting
  • property settlement
    Property Settlement
  • divorce
  • spousal maintenance
    Spousal Maintenance Arrangements
  • child support
    Child Support Arrangements
  • collaborative law
    Collaborative Law Options
  • mediation
  • arbitration
  • litigation
  • family court
    Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia proceedings
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